Graham Patterson


Solo Exhibition 

The works breath new expression into objects retrived from the shoreline. Much of the work is kinetic, suspended and rotating inspace, it's movement hints toward the potential for re-purposing. Interaction with the abrasive coastal elements imbues mass produced objects with a unique quality. Evident in the contouring of edges and the scarring inflicted onto it's surface. Many of the works in the exhibition invite touch, offering the potential for it to become 'mutable' in the hands and mind of the participant.

I've made a virtue of the works simplicity, adhering to a minimalist aesthetic informed by Ikebana; the Japanese art of flower arranging. Ikebana aims to create balance and harmony between the natural and the man-made. Space around the arrangements constituent parts is key, this chimes with the objects discovery in the barren tidal landscape. There's a frisson of excitement to encountering shoreline items, the object takes on an air of mystery as you begin to decipher it's shape and origin. 

Open evening

A walk around the exhibition space with portable light source.  Activating the moveable works enroute, casting elongated shadows on the walls and floor.

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